Where do I get Freight Broker Training?

When you first begin to search online, you’ll see a handful of companies offering a “freight broker training” program, or a “freight broker course”. While these companies may provide the basic information needed to gain a general concept about the freight industry, they are non accredited institutions, and do not guarantee employment placement once you’ve completed the training or courses. The information provided through most of these programs can easily be found online, and on this website for free.
The best place to get freight broker training is by learning on the job. If you are brand new to the business with no experience, it is best to seek opportunities with larger companies such as CH Robinson,Total Quality Logistics, XPO LogisticsCoyote, and Freightquote, or by searching local job boards for current openings. Many of these companies will hire candidates with no prior freight broker experience, but give preference to potential employees with a bachelors degree, and/or prior business to business selling experience. These larger companies provide new hires with one to three months of initial training before placing them on the sales floor.
There is a lot to learn in the transportation industry, but the initial training provided by your company will give you the tools that you need to be successful in your career as a freight broker. Once you get on the phone and begin making calls to prospects, and service your customer’s shipments, you will quickly learn by doing the daily tasks of a freight broker. Ask as many questions as possible, and learn from your mistakes. Learning on the job is by far the best way to find freight broker training. Ultimately the freight brokers who are most successful are the one’s who spend the most time on the phone looking for new business, provide the most rate quotes to their customers, and cover the most shipments.